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Doctor On Smart Device Blue Light Study: ‘Don’t Freak Out’

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 12:17 PM PDT

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Jose Diaz says he spends about four hours a day on his phone. A new study in the journal Scientific Reports, which claims that smartphones could damage his eyesight, has him wanting to cut back.

“It’s really freaky. It could scare me a lot,” Diaz told CBS New York’s Hazel Sanchez on Tuesday.

Researchers at the University of Toledo in Ohio have found that eye exposure to blue light, which is emitted in the bright glow from most smartphone, laptop and tablet screens, can cause cells in the retina to produce a toxin that causes vision loss.

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Dr. Jessica Lee, a retina surgeon at New York Eye Infirmary at Mount Sinai, noted that in the study researchers used direct blue light on the cells of mice, not everyday blue light exposure to human eyes.

“This was a study that was done in the lab, and it wasn’t done every day with the light we see, that we’re exposed to,” Lee said. “I don’t think you need to freak out. You don’t have to run out to the store and get a screen protector. Sure it can’t hurt, but is it absolutely necessary and crucial to prevent blue light damage? I think we have to wait for more research.”

iPhone X

(Photo: CNet)

Tom Brant, a hardware analyst for PC Magazine, said most updated computers and phones have software built in that can adjust blue light. In the iPhone, for example, go to “Settings” and search for “Nightshift.” From there, you can schedule your phone to lower the blue light or you can adjust it manually.

For phones without that feature, you can download a free app like Blue Light Filter. You can also buy screen protectors that limit blue light exposure, which aren’t meant to be removed.

“I think that you are better to look at the settings and do it from the software because that’s going to be much easier than applying a screen protector,” Brant said.

While the study may have some people worried about excessive screen time, opthamologists remind us the sun actually gives us a stronger level of blue light than our digital devices.

So maybe the best advice is to give your eyes a break once in a while and read a book.

Ald. Willie Cochran In Talks To Plead Guilty To Corruption Charges

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 11:58 AM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ald. Willie Cochran (20th) and his attorneys are negotiating a potential plea deal with federal prosecutors, amid allegations he shook down businessmen in his ward for bribes, and looted money from a charity he ran.

Cochran confirmed the plea negotiations in a Twitter post Wednesday afternoon, after a status hearing on his case in federal court.

"Told the judge we were in negotiations and all parties agreed to continue to negotiate and return in 30 days with a decision," Cochran posted.

In 2016, a 15-count indictment charged Cochran with wire fraud, bribery, and extortion. Federal prosecutors alleged the alderman solicited donations to the 20th Ward Activities Fund, a charity he ran, but used $5,000 from the fund to pay his daughter's college tuition, and another $25,000 to gamble at casinos.

The indictment also alleges he demanded a $1,500 from an attorney for a real estate developr seeking to fix up vacant homes in his ward, and a $3,000 cash bribe from a liquor store owner seeking to sell his business to someone who needed a city liquor license.

Cochran, a former Chicago police sergeant, was elected alderman of the 20th Ward in 2007, defeating his predecessor, Ald. Arenda Troutman, who was facing bribery charges of her own at the time. She later was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison.

Another former 20th Ward alderman, Cliff Kelley, was indicted in 1986 for bribery and income tax evasion. He was convicted a year later and served 9 1/2 months in prison.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Cochran is not planning to run for a fourth term next year.

Hobart Attorney T. Edward Page Shot, Killed; Suspect In Custody

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 11:53 AM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — A well-known Northwest Indiana attorney was fatally shot Wednesday by a former client.  T. Edward Page was shot shortly before noon in his home before noon in the 1200 block of West Fourth Street in Hobart. according to the Lake County prosecutor’s office.


t edward tracy page Hobart Attorney T. Edward Page Shot, Killed; Suspect In Custody

T. Edward Tracy Page.

A man, who has a client in a civil case, was taken into custody.

According to an online bio, Page worked for Thiros and Thiros P.C. in Merrillville, Indiana.

Page also worked for the Lake County public defender’s office.  The Northwest Indiana Times reports, he was getting ready to retire from that position.


Recall Alert: FDA Warning About Two Thyroid Medications

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 11:49 AM PDT

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Food and Drug Administration has a new warning and recall about two thyroid medications made by a Chinese manufacturer.

The FDA has issued a voluntary recall for the medications because of potential problems with an ingredient in them.

The warning was issued Aug. 9 for Levothyroxine and Liothyronine 15 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg, 90 mg, and 120 mg thyroid tablets.

In the statement, the FDA says the medications were "manufactured using active pharmaceutical ingredients that were sourced prior to the FDA's import alert."

The FDA says those ingredients were found to have deficiencies.

“Because these products may be used in the treatment of serious medical conditions, patients taking the recalled medicines should continue taking their medicine until they have a replacement product,” they warn.

For more information on the recall, visit

Lake Shore Drive Protest Organizer Plans To Block Roads To O’Hare On Labor Day

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 11:24 AM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — The activist pastor who helped organize a small anti-violence march that briefly shut down Lake Shore Drive earlier this month now plans another march that would block traffic in and out of O'Hare International Airport on Labor Day.

Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston said his top demands remains the same as before: he wants Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Supt. Eddie Johnson to resign over the city's ongoing violent crime problems. He also has called for more economic investment in the South and West sides.

Livingston led a group of about 150 people in a protest rally on Lake Shore Drive on Aug. 5, before marching to Wrigley Field. His goal was to get people on the North Side to pay more attention to crime on the poorer South and West sides.

The weekend after that march was the bloodiest of the year in Chicago, with at least 66 people shot, 12 of them fatally. Livingston criticized the mayor's response to that weekend's violence, taking the mayor to task for blaming a "shortage of values."

"Mayor Rahm Emanuel has publicly confessed his befuddlement at reducing this violence by talking about community values when the stark and tragic truth of the matter is that it is his values that are actually fueling this continued mayhem," Livingston said in a statement announcing the plans for a protest march at O'Hare.

Specifically, Livingston pointed to the mayor's decision in 2013 to close 50 public schools, Emanuel's move to phase out health care benefits for retired city workers, and the mayor's acceptance of campaign contributions from real estate developers who require city approval for construction projects.

"Rahm’s Values rain down millions of dollars on his developer cronies like a man making it rain down dollar bills on a stripper at a strip club. Rahm's Values brag about taking healthcare benefits from retirees. I could go on and on: murder cover-ups, school children scarred by sex scandals and to add insult to injury he appoints school superintendents who are as proficient as he is at the art of cover-up," he said.

Livingston called on the mayor to "desegregate" healthcare assets, economic investments, and education assets in the city.

"The list is long but doable – if you stop focusing only on downtown and the elite," Livingston said.

Asserting he and his allies cannot be bought off "like slaves in a slave auction," Livingston said they want a face-to-face meeting with the mayor about solutions to the city's crime problems.

A spokesman for the mayor's office told the Sun-Times the planned O'Hare protest would only harm thousands of people who work at the airport – on ground crews, at restaurants, and at the airlines – and live in the neighborhoods Livingston wants to help.

DNA Used To Create Facial Image Of Suspect In Sycamore Double-Homicide

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 10:35 AM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS)—Two years have passed since the unsolved double murder of an elderly mother and her son in Sycamore, but DNA science has helped police develop pictures of what the suspect could look like.

DNA of the murderer that was found at the August 2016 crime scene of the home where Patricia Wilson, 85, and her son, Robert, 64, were found bludgeoned to death, has not shown up in any criminal databases.

Despite the lack of a DNA match, the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department has pieced together a physical profile of the suspect with the help of a Virginia-based private laboratory, Parabon Nanolabs. Scientists there analyzed crime scene DNA to build a profile of what the killer likely looks like.

The profiles show what the suspect could like at ages 18, 25 and 40. Digital images released this week by the police show blue-eyed, blonde-haired white male.

dekalb murder DNA Used To Create Facial Image Of Suspect In Sycamore Double Homicide

(Caption: Using DNA police recovered from the crime scene, a Virginia-based lab created these images of what the man who police suspect of killing Patricia and Robert Wilson would look like at age 18, 25, and 40.)

DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott said in 2016 that police knew he was male and was probably transient, but with no witnesses to the crime, no additional details about his appearance were known.

"They may have not gotten in trouble before or they may have and it is just slow getting it into the system, but it eventually will get into the system we are hoping," Scott said in 2016. "The other possibility is they may have been a juvenile."

The only item of value missing from the home was a white, 4-door 2010 Chevy Impala, which was later recovered near the Lincoln Park Zoo. The discovery of the stolen vehicle helped police determine the suspect's connection to Chicago.

The FBI said the killer likely took public transportation or had someone drive him to the Wilson home.

The profile also indicates the killer may have had clothing that may not have fit him very well, after possibly ditching blood-stained clothing from the blood splatter from the murders.

The Wilsons, according to the Daily Chronicle, were longtime churchgoing Sycamore residents who had been to church the day they were killed.


Mark Immelman: ‘Wyndham Poses Every Question Of A Golfer’

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 10:31 AM PDT

By Dan Reardon

Positioned as it is on the PGA Tour calendar, the Wyndham Championship has a split personality. On the one hand, it is a stop with a long history and a roster of champions any player would relish becoming a part of. On the other hand, it is the last opportunity to qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs. Toss in securing playing privileges for the 2018/19 season and the event unfolds on the weekend with an abundance of storylines.

Tracing its heritage to the Greater Greensboro Open, the tournament boasts the Texas triumvirate of Sam Snead, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson as three of its first four champions. It returned to Sedgefield Country Club from Forest Oaks in 2008 and is the only Donald Ross course currently on the PGA Tour.

One year ago, Henrik Stenson and Ollie Schneiderjans shot ten under on the weekend with matching rounds of 66-64 with Stenson emerging with the one stroke victory. It was the Swede's last win. It was also the last PGA Tour start for the late Australian Jarrod Lyle who will be remembered on the first tee.

Three times, as many as five players used Wyndham to climb into the playoffs. Last year Martin Flores, Rory Sabbatini, Harold Varner III and J.J. Henry placed in the Top 20 to move on. For Henry it was his second time using Greensboro as his stepping stone.

CBS' Mark Immelman knows the course, knows the field and knows the significance the week has for a number of PGA Tour professionals.

A week ago, at the PGA Championship we saw the attention a restored Tiger Woods can bring to galleries and viewership. When he was dominating the game we almost had two Tours – the Tiger Tour and the regular Tour. Do you think there is any danger of that happening to events like Wyndham where this new generation of talented youngsters will be eclipsed by Woods?

"That's a really good question. We all know and everyone on the Tour knows, including the young superstars, that Tiger really moves the needle, and when he is in the field events are just different. There is a different atmosphere. The crowds are different. The media attention is different. And so, it's a given. And the young stars of today recognize that.

In the case of them really becoming invisible when he plays I really don't think so, and the reason why is because they are just so talented. These young men can hang with Tiger any day of the week. We saw that with Brooks Koepka. We saw that with Justin Thomas. And because of that they are going to keep winning events. Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka are all going to be really relevant over the next couple of decades.

The thing Tiger has going for him is this new 2.0 version of himself I guess but he is also 42 competing with these twenty somethings. So, I don't think so. I just think golf is going to be exciting over the next decade or so. It will be a nice mix of old versus youth and I look forward to seeing how the whole thing shakes out."

A lot of history at Sedgefield Country Club. From your perspective what is challenging and interesting about the course?

"What's interesting is just the history that is there. This is the club that dates back to 1938 and now it's eleven years into its comeback. There's the old Tudor clubhouse, the wall of champions and the Sam Snead plaque on that wall. You feel like you take a step back in time. The Donald Ross design is awesome. It's got the two loops of nine which is very old school. There are lots of elevation changes. There are small undulating greens. The greens are always in spectacular shape.

It poses every question of the golfer. You've got to drive the ball well. The rough can be punitive. You can play from it but given the small greens you have to be accurate off the tee. The neat thing is, if you are playing well you can shoot low. We've seen that. Last year Si Woo Kim shot 60 in round one. But, if you are playing poorly, it will trip you up pretty fast. So, it's a fun test. It's a good test and the crowds are massive. It sort of checks all the boxes from my vantage point."

Are there any holes that people tuning in should pay attention to?

"On the front nine I love a little stretch of holes, five, six, seven and eight. Five is a very reachable par 5. You might see an eagle there, highly likely if you drive the ball in the fairway. Six is a big valley par 4. You travel downhill and then back up hill. Seven is a tough downhill par 3 with a water hazard on the right. And then eight is a short par 4 where you can see birdies and eagles there too.

Then on the back nine it has an awesome finish. Fourteen is a good challenging dogleg left par 4. Fifteen is a par 5 that you can see eagles on. Sixteen is a wonderful little par 3 and there is always a hole-in-one prize there (two last year). And then seventeen and eighteen. You can make birdies at seventeen and then eighteen you have to hang onto your hat there."

We have Henrik Stenson returning as champion there. We have Webb  Simpson who has played very well this year in the field. Thoughts about those two players?

"Well Webb Simpson and Sedgefield are like cookies and cream. They just go together these two. Webb is so comfortable there. He went to college down the road at Wake Forest. He had his first PGA Tour victory there. In fact, he named one of his daughters Wynny after the Wyndham Championship. Webb and Sedgefield, I would bet my mortgage on the two of them.

As far as Henrik, it has been a funny sort of season. The results have belied his performance. Statistically he has been striking the ball well. He's putting pretty well. He's just not putting scores together and so it is just a matter of time before Stenson breaks through. He is doing everything well. It is just a matter of Henrik putting everything together."

This is two tournaments, with the FedEx points being finalized this week. You have a player like Jhonattan Vegas sitting dangerously at 122 and Sergio Garcia being out of the FedEx playoffs for the first time.

"Everyone knows the situation. It's an interesting dichotomy. You come to the Wyndham Championship and you get this vacation feel about the event. Wyndham puts on this great show. You almost feel like you are on holiday with beach balls and beach sand. And out on the course you have the same sort of sensation with tee markers and things.

But then you have these players who are playing for their PGA Tour lives really. So, you get the feel of vacation but then you get these players who are just grinding. As far as Vegas is concerned I think 122 is kind of safe. I think the average is 2.7 to three players advance from outside the top 125. Last year was the outlier when four guys made it in. You really never know with golf.

Last year Rory Sabatini went from 148 to 122 so there is some volatility for the guys who are on the bubble.

Sergio is interesting. We all thought, including myself that when he won his Masters a few years ago that might like the parking brake being released. Then the marriage and the birth of their little one and maybe priorities have changed for Sergio. You know I don't think the fans out there realize what a holistic game it is and if you are the father of a new young baby things change in the house. Perhaps your practice times have varied and perhaps because you have been up a few nights your sleep is deprived so you don't have the energy to work.

Maybe it's the fact that Sergio is just elsewhere mentally. All of that being said we're getting to the point where the season is about to end and the Ryder Cup is just around the corner. Those are things that are important to Sergio. And he has played well here. He has won here before at the Wyndham Championship. So, I wouldn't be surprised if Sergio doesn't come in and play really well."

‘This Is A Case About Lies,’ Prosecutor Says In Manafort Trial Closing Argument

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 10:31 AM PDT

    (CNN) — Prosecutors spent over 90 minutes Wednesday morning methodically laying out their case that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort repeatedly lied in order to finance an extravagant lifestyle.

“Mr. Manafort lied to keep more money when he had it, and he lied to get more money when he didn’t,” prosecutor Greg Andres told jurors during closing arguments. “This is a case about lies.”

Manafort’s emails, memos and financial records were “littered with lies,” Andres added.

The defense will present its closing argument Wednesday afternoon.

The trial is reaching its end as President Donald Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani continue to bash special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia and Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

A win for Mueller’s team in the high-profile prosecution of a top Trump campaign figure would send shockwaves through Trump’s orbit of aides, friends and outside advisers — and heighten anticipation for Mueller’s next moves. A loss would increase the chorus of calls for Mueller’s investigation to end.

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In his closing, Andres argued that Manafort lied — repeating the word to the jury several times. He said Manafort hid his income from Ukraine, lied to federal authorities and defrauded banks.

He alleged that Manafort’s tax returns from 2010 through 2014 are false, and told jurors they must find that Manafort willfully and knowingly lied on the official IRS forms about his income and foreign accounts.

The prosecutor punctuated this by showing the first of several emails the jury will revisit today — in which Manafort called one of the 31 foreign accounts “my account.” Manafort wrote it “when no one was looking. He did not know one day he would be sitting in this very courtroom,” Andres said.

Manafort is facing 18 charges of tax and banking crimes and has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

‘I’m not asking you to like him’

Andres told jurors that before they even consider the potentially fraught testimony of Manafort deputy and admitted criminal Rick Gates, they should look to 10 other witnesses’ testimony and evidence to find Manafort guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

“The star witness in this case is the documents,” Andres said.

Gates admitted last week to having embezzling money from Manafort and having an extramarital affair a decade ago.

The jury doesn’t need to take Gates’ testimony at face value or even believe it, Andres said. But the jury should use it to compare with accountants and a bookkeeper’s description of Manafort’s financial disclosures. “See if it’s consistent.”

He reminded the jury that Gates pleaded guilty to crimes in DC federal court and will be sentenced there — and the judge in that case will learn how Gates took hundreds of thousands of dollars from Manafort’s “dumpster of foreign money.”

“Mr. Manafort is a mentor to Mr. Gates, particularly to his own criminal activity.” Andres said. He added that Manafort “didn’t choose a Boy Scout” to be his partner in crime.

And what about Gates’ admitted affair? “Was it to distract you? Does it matter?” Andres asked the jury.

He pointed out that Manafort’s lawyers never asked Gates about the alleged bank fraud.

“I’m not asking you to like him,” Andres said.

What will defense do?

Eyes will be on the defense after it rested without calling any witnesses. Manafort attorney Kevin Downing said Tuesday as he was leaving the courthouse that the defense rested its case because “the government has not met its burden of proof.”

On Tuesday, Manafort spoke for the first time during the trial when he told Judge T.S. Ellis he would not be testifying during a brief questioning at the podium.

Manafort is not required to testify because of his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. Ellis made this clear during his conversation with Manafort.

“You have an absolute right to testify before this jury,” Ellis said. “You have an absolute right to remain silent before this jury.”

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Family Suing Chicago Police After Officers Raid Wrong Apartment, Point Guns At Children

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 10:25 AM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — A family who says police raided the wrong home last November, and pointed guns at their 9- and 5-year-old sons, filed a federal lawsuit against the city on Wednesday.

Around dinnertime on Nov. 7, 2017, Chicago police officers broke down the door to Gilbert and Hester Mendez's home in McKinley Park, shouting profanities, and pointing assault rifled and handguns at the couple and their sons, Peter and Jack.

“One guy said you better shut the F up if you know any better,” said 9-year-old Peter.

Savini: “They pointed a gun at your Dad and your Mom?”
Jack: “Yeah”
Savini: “and then did they point a gun at your brother?”
Jack nodded yes.
Savini: “What was it like when that gun was pointed at you?”
Peter: “It was like my life just flashed before my eyes.”

Officers handcuffed Gilbert, and pointed guns at him while he was on the kitchen floor.

“I could hear my babies screaming, ‘Don’t shoot my Dad. Don’t kill my Dad. Leave my Dad alone. What did my Dad do?'” he told CBS 2.

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Peter said he will never forget the emotional pain he suffered that night.

“The four or five people said to my Dad, get the f down get the f down we will shoot you,” Peter said.

The Mendez family now plans to file a federal lawsuit against the city on Thursday. The lawsuit accuses officers of trespassing, assault, battery, excessive force, false imprisonment, conducting an unlawful search of the Mendez family home, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Gilbert Mendez said his family did nothing wrong; and what’s even worse is police had no right to even be there, because officers were raiding the wrong apartment. The Mendezes said police now are trying to cover it up.

The CBS 2 investigators found officers from the 11th district used a search warrant filled with mistakes. Even the judge’s printed name, as required by police order, is missing from the warrant.

Police told CBS 2 they don't have their own copy of the warrant, or any record it even exists. However, the 2 Investigators confirmed there is a separate record at the state’s attorney’s office that includes the signature of the police lieutenant who signed off on the warrant.

Hester said the officers who raided their apartment refused to show her a warrant. After officers had been searching the home for about an hour, she caught a glimpse of the warrant, and noticed the two people actually named on it lived in a different apartment in the same building.

“Even after I told them that they were in the wrong place and the people live upstairs, they still continued to search,” she said.

"My clients are filing this case to say to the Mayor, 'We cannot have a city in which hard-working, law-abiding families with young children are terrorized by the police by mistake or because that's just their routine practice with children, especially our children of color,'" Mendez family attorney Al Hofeld Jr. stated in a news release. "My clients don't want their children to hate police officers; they want someone to be held accountable for what was done to their sons. The officers who did this would not want someone to traumatize their children."

Hester said officers searched the home for an additional 30 minutes after she informed them of their mistakes, all while her husband remained handcuffed.

According to the lawsuit, police kept Gilbert handcuffed even after Hester told them about their mistake.

“There was absolutely no need to point guns at children and absolutely no need to keep their father handcuffed in front of them after they knew they were in the wrong apartment,” Hofeld said.

Hofeld claimed there is a pattern of misconduct by Chicago police officers, who regularly use excessive force against children who have not committed any crimes.

"Chicago police officers routinely traumatize young children by directing force at them or unnecessarily exposing them to it. They don't think twice about it. This is the City of Chicago's ongoing pattern with young children of color," Hofeld said.

In another case, the CBS 2 Investigators obtained a video deposition of Davianna Simmons who testified Chicago cops raided her home.

Question: “How many police do you remember seeing inside your house?”
Answer: “5”

And she says the police pointed a gun at her too.

Question: “Did the — did the police point a gun at anybody else in your house that day?”
Answer: “They pointed a gun at me.”
Question: “They pointed a gun at you?”
Answer: “Yes”

The Simmons family sued the city, and recieved a $2.5 million settlement in June. Davianna was only 3 years old when the gun was drawn on her and she now suffers from PTSD.

According to the Mendez family lawsuit, Peter and Jack also are suffering from PTSD from their ordeal, still have flashbacks and nightmares about their father about to be shot and killed, and are in constant fear of the police returning to their homes. The boys are under regular psychiatric care and counseling.

Peter said, even after everything that happened, he tried to shake the officers' hands as they left the apartment, but all but one officer shrugged him off.

“I just felt that they were un-polite, because I was just trying to be nice,” he said.

The suit also claims officers left the apartment without explaining or apologizing for their mistake.

A 2017 report by the Justice Department found the Chicago Police Department needs reform when it comes to how it treats children, and its policies and practices regarding the use of force.

However, Hofeld claimed recent changes to the Chicago Police Department's use of force policy, and the proposed reforms in a draft consent decree negotiated by the Emanuel administration and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan do not protect children from the same trauma Jack and Peter suffered.

"Until CPD changes its destructive pattern with young children, we will continue to file these cases against the City for children of color who have been traumatized by unnecessary police force and who would otherwise have no voice," said Hofeld.

Hofeld also said the city never paid for repairs to the damage caused to the Mendez family apartment during the raid.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified financial damages from the city.

In a statement, the Chicago Police Department said, “We take these allegations very seriously. We strongly urge the family to contact the Bureau of Internal Affairs, COPA, or the Inspector General’s office.”

Chicago Police Officer Suffers Broken Hip Arresting Armed Robbery Suspects

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 10:07 AM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) —  A Chicago Police officer suffered a broken hip while arresting two suspects wanted in a string of armed robberies on the North Side.

The suspects were pursued during a foot case and arrested by 19th Police District officers. Charges are pending.

On three occasions, the suspects approached people with a gun and demanded their property.  CPD did not immediately provide locations for the robberies.

On Twitter, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said money and a gun were recovered.

The officer will require surgery, Guglielmi said.

Two Women Wounded By Stray Bullets In Their Homes In West Pullman, West Englewood

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 09:32 AM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 44-year-old woman was killed, and an 80-year-old woman was seriously wounded overnight, when they were hit by stray bullets inside their homes during a pair of shootings about 10 miles apart.

Police said, around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, officers responded to a call of shots fired near 118th and Eggleston. An 80-year-old woman who was sleeping in her second floor bedroom had suffered a gunshot wound to the head after shots were fired outside the home.

The woman was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Law, where she was in serious condition Wednesday morning. Two of her grandchildren said she was alert and awake. Doctors said it's a miracle she survived.

Sources said the intended target might have been a relative on parole who was living with the victim.

About five hours earlier, a 44-year-old woman was sitting on a couch inside her home near 64th and Hermitage in West Englewood, when someone outside began shooting, and bullets came through her front door.

Police said the woman was shot in her abdomen, and she was taken to the University of Chicago trauma center, where she was pronounced dead. The victim has been identified as Estell Roberson, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

Neighbors said Roberson was a mother of three; her youngest child is a 6-year-old boy.

"The community can help a lot if they know, and they may not know; but at the same time, someone knows who discharged this weapon," crisis responder Andrew Holmes said.

At least four other people were wounded in shootings across the city overnight, including a 39-year-old man shot in the torso near 70th and Jeffrey, a 27-year-old woman shot near 70th and Michigan, a 51-year-old woman shot in the calf near Washington and Pulaski, and an 18-year-old man shot in the legs while riding in a car near Lawrence and Lake Shore Drive.

All four of those victims were stabilized at hospitals.

No one was in custody in any of the overnight shootings Wednesday morning.

Testimony Resumes In Hadiya Pendleton Murder Trial

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 09:16 AM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — A day after extremely emotional accounts of the 2013 slaying of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, testimony resumes Wednesday in the trial of two men charged with her murder.

Pendleton was gunned down just days after performing as a drum majorette at President Barack Obama's second inaugural. She was taking shelter from the rain with friends at a park just blocks from the Obama family home, when Micheail Ward and Kenneth Williams allegedly mistook the group for rival gang members.

hadiya pendleton 0129 Testimony Resumes In Hadiya Pendleton Murder Trial

Hadiya Pendleton (Supplied to CBS)

Another dramatic day of testimony is expected at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, a day after one of Hadiya's friends described the shooting to the jury, and prosecutors showed jurors a video showing Pendleton and her friends fleeing gunfire. The video showed Hadiya collapsing after she was shot in the back.

In an unusual move, the identities of the first witnesses taking the stand on Wednesday were being kept quiet, and their faces were not being shown to protect their own safety.

Prosecutors have accused Ward of pulling the trigger and Williams of driving the getaway car. Ward faces up to life in prison and Williams faces up to 75 years behind bars if they are convicted.

michael ward and kenneth williams Testimony Resumes In Hadiya Pendleton Murder Trial

Micheail Ward (left) and Kenneth Williams (right) are charged with first-degree murder in the 2013 death of Hadiya Pendleton. (Credit: Cook County Sheriff)

Two different juries will decide the Ward's and Williams' fates, due to competing defenses.

Both defense attorneys have stressed a lack of physical evidence or surveillance video tying the defendants to the shooting.

Hadiya's murder drew national headlines because she had performed at Obama's second inauguration festivities eight days before she was killed. First lady Michelle Obama attended her funeral, and President Obama mentioned Hadiya in his State of the Union address.

Block Party Doubling As Child’s First Birthday Party Draws Ire In Chicago

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 08:39 AM PDT

Chicago (CBS) — A block party in Lakeview on Saturday was abruptly cut short after some residents complained to Alderman Thomas Tunney's office that the event was actually a child's first birthday party and not fully open to the public.

Lakeview resident Brittany Robinson, mother to a boy who recently turned one, told CBS 2 that she coordinated with Alderman Tunney's office to secure a permit to host a block party on North Pine Grove Avenue. The party included a bouncy castle, which took up a significant portion of the street.

Midday, after Robinson was informed she needed to end the block party, she moved the festivities to her backyard.

bouncy castle1 Block Party Doubling As Childs First Birthday Party Draws Ire In Chicago

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"I was told, 'This is a pilot block party. We're going to see how it goes with your side of the block. If you get any complaints, we won't have it next year'," Robinson told CBS Chicago.

Suzanne Silvers, a resident of west Lakeview, expressed frustration that a permit had been issued for an event on a busy weekend that included a Chicago Cubs game and Market Days.

"I can't fathom why you think it's OK to close a city street in a densely populated area for your son's first birthday party," Silvers told CBS Chicago.

This is not the first block party in Tunney’s ward that left some residents feeling unwelcome. In September of 2017, Friends of Blaine Elementary School secured a permit for a block party. However, the event was part of a fundraiser and, while neighbors were technically allowed to attend, guests at the party had made a donation.

Asked via email about the Friends of Blaine block party, Chris Jessup, spokesperson for Ald. Tunney replied: "We learned about the Blaine event and its effort and similarly let the hosts know that block parties are to be open to the public and not private. That event will also not continue or be supported in that way going forward."

Robinson said she thought she had followed the rules when she secured a permit for Saturday’s event. "I spoke to Tunney's office about what I wanted to do," she said.

According to Robinson, the instructions she received from Dan Manoli, a member of Tunney’s staff, were to secure the proper permits, alert residents of her building, speak to the manager in the building across the street, and contact the resident across the alleyway that would be blocked off during the party.

Jessup told CBS 2 that constituents must submit a petition with a minimum of 25 supporters for block parties. He said in this case, signatures of support were never returned to his office.

Robinson said Tunney's staff did not alert her to the petition requirement, despite it being listed on his office's website. A page on the site reads, in part: “If this is your first time applying for a Block Party or you have not held one in the past two years, I ask that you circulate a petition among your neighbors demonstrating support for the event.”

Ald. Tunney's office issued a statement about Robinson's block party, saying, in part, "This permit was issued in error and once we were notified on Saturday, we moved quickly to cancel the permit with the Police and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), which issues block party permits."

"This was not me being sneaky. This was all spoken about. People were welcome. I just feel that this has gotten blown out of proportion," Robinson told CBS Chicago. Asked about inviting other members of the community, she said, "I wasn't told I needed to do that."

One private message that Robinson received said, "You['re] so so incredibly inconsiderate and deceiving. Telling people it's a block party but in reality it is a private birthday party for your kid?" The message follows with a pornographic reference to sexual favors and concludes by saying, "I'm thinking of a late night all boys dance party! Sorry your invite got lost in the mail."

Robinson said she has offered to meet with community members to discuss what went wrong. So far no one has taken her up on her offer.

Uproar After Judge OK’s Freeing Most New Mexico Compound Defendants

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 08:30 AM PDT

TAOS, N.M. (CBS) — A judge’s decision to allow the release of an extended family accused of child abuse at a ramshackle desert compound in New Mexico prompted a political uproar Tuesday by prominent Republican lawmakers. The controversy was stoked even further when court officials condemned threats of violence made against the judge who issued the ruling and evacuated several administrative court offices as a precaution.

Administrative court officials say State District Court Judge Sarah Backus was the target of threats via social media, email and telephone. One caller to the district court in Taos made a death threat, said Barry Massey, a spokesman for the Administrative Office off the Courts.

CBS Albuquerque affiliate KRQE-TV says court staff members told it they received more than 200 calls and emails Tuesday about the judge’s decision.

The station describes the protective measures that were taken as the Taos County Courthouse being placed on lockdown by the Sheriff’s Department due to the threats against Backus. No one was allowed to enter the courthouse all afternoon long, KRQE says.

Backus cleared the way Monday for the release of four defendants, despite assertions by prosecutors that the group was training children to use firearms for an anti-government mission and should remain in jail pending trial.

The father of a severely disabled boy who was kidnapped in Georgia will not be released because an arrest warrant has been issued for him in that state.

Another defendant, Jany Leveille, was taken into custody by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Tuesday, Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe announced. The 35-year-old native of Haiti is the mother of six children taken into state custody during the compound raid.

Eleven children were taken into custody at the squalid compound near the Colorado border during an Aug. 3 raid by authorities who returned three days later and recovered the body of a small boy.

Backus, an elected Democrat, said her decision to grant release to house arrest, with conditions such as wearing ankle monitors, was tied to recent reforms of the state’s pre-trial detention system that set a high bar for incriminating evidence needed to hold suspects without bail.

Backus said Monday the state failed to provide evidence backing up key allegations in the case.

“The state alleges that there was a big plan afoot but the state hasn’t shown to my satisfaction and by clear and convincing evidence what that plan was,” Backus told the courtroom, noting that none of the defendants has a criminal record.

Initiated by a statewide vote in 2016, New Mexico’s bail reforms are modeled after similar changes made in New Jersey and under consideration in California that reduce the role of money as a means of ensuring court appearances or making release impossible for potentially dangerous suspects.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a former district attorney, said Tuesday she “strongly disagreed” with the judge’s decision and renewed her criticism of rules for pre-trial detention that are determined in part by the state Supreme Court.

“You have a person who is training kids to shoot up schools, they have a compound that is like a third-world country,” State Republican Party Chairman Ryan Cangiolosi said. “There’s a child’s body on the compound – I believe that allowing them to be released is absurd.”

Medical examiners have yet to determine conclusively whether the body found at the compound outside Amalia was that of Abdul-ghani – the missing son of compound resident Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. Other relatives have said or told authorities that the remains are those of Abdul-ghani.

Prosecutors presented evidence that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj provided some of the children with firearms training, including tactical skills such as speed-loading guns and firing while in motion. Along with rifles, handguns and ammunition, authorities say they found books on being effective in combat and building untraceable assault-style rifles.

Backus, however, said prosecutors failed to articulate any specific threats or plan against the community.

She also pressed prosecutors for evidence to support allegations that the children were starving at the compound.

new mexico trailer Uproar After Judge OKs Freeing Most New Mexico Compound Defendants

Interior and exterior views of a filthy trailer where 11 emaciated children were found in Taos County, New Mexico. (Credit: Taos County Sheriff)

Agency Director Artie Pepin stressed that the judge’s responsibility is to make decisions based on evidence and “not popular sentiment that may develop from incomplete or misleading information.”

Suspect Siraj Ibn Wahhaj will remain in jail pending a warrant for his arrest in Georgia issued over accusations that he abducted his son, Abdul-ghani, from the boy’s mother in December and fled to New Mexico.

Three other defendants – Lucas Morton, Subhannah Wahhaj and Hujrah Wahhaj – had yet to be released on Tuesday.

Attorneys for those four defendants say volunteers have come forward to provide a suitable place for them to live as legal proceedings move forward.

Backus set bail at $20,000 with no up-front deposit – just a threat of a fine if defendants break condition of their release.

Court testimony Monday by an FBI agent shed light on the fate of the boy whose body was found.

Agent Travis Taylor said a 15-year-old resident of the compound described attempts to cast demonic spirits the child through a ritual that involved reading passages from the Quran while Siraj Ibn Wahhaj held a hand on the boy’s forehead,

The boy apparently died after one of the sessions, Taylor said.

Mom Warns Others After Mosquito Bite Puts 6-Year-Old In ICU

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 08:26 AM PDT

Waynesville, NC (WLOS/WJZ) — A Waynesville mom used social media to warn parents about La Crosse encephalitis.

“And so it’s breaking all of our hearts to see the spunkiest one out of five brothers down,” LoriAnne Surrett said, reading the post no parent wants to write.

The heartfelt words about her son Noah have been shared more than 1,400 times on Facebook.

Her 6-year-old was hospitalized last weekend. Saturday he complained of a headache and eventually had a seizure.

“I’ve got five kids, and this is absolutely the scariest thing I’ve every been through in my life,” she said. “I literally thought my kid was gone when I saw him.”

Before this past weekend, Surrett said she’d never heard of the disease, which is transmitted by a bite from an infected mosquito. According to the CDC, there are about 63 cases each year.

La Crosse encephalitis often involves inflammation of the brain, and, along with seizures, it can cause coma and paralysis.

“This is something no parent should have to go through over a mosquito bite,” Surrett said.

She said doctors are hopeful antibiotics and seizure medication will help. Noah’s mostly asleep in his hospital room as he recovers. He will likely spend at least five more days in the hospital.

“He screams out in pain from the headaches, and he’s really just like a zombie,” Surrett said. “It’s scary, it’s really scary. I don’t want no parent to have to go through this.”

Surrett hopes her 768 heartbreaking words on Facebook encourage other parents to watch for symptoms, including fever, headache and nausea.

“I’ve lived here my whole life. They say it’s known and common, but I’ve never heard of it and I want people to know that this can happen.”

Surrett said she and her husband took every precaution they could to prevent mosquito bites. She’s been encouraged by the outpouring of love on social media.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the family pay for Noah’s medical expenses. You can donate here.

Health Care, Tech Jobs Top List Of Highest-Paying Work In U.S.

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 08:10 AM PDT

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (CBS Local) – Americans eager for a high-paying job might want to focus on two industries: health care and technology.

That’s because 18 out of the 25 highest-paying jobs are within those two sectors, according to a new analysis of salary data from employment site Glassdoor. The study analyzed data for job titles with at least 100 salary reports each.

Many of the occupations highlighted by Glassdoor require years of training and study, which may prove impractical for those considering a mid-career shift. Yet there are some tech jobs open to those willing to get training or to acquire skills through hands-on experience, such as data scientist, said Amanda Stansell, an economic research analyst at Glassdoor.

“Job-seekers can look at the people in these roles and see how did they get to these roles and ask, ‘Do I want to invest in these degrees?'” Stansell said. “We know that pay is one of the most important factors when people are looking at jobs.”

Yet research also indicates that pay isn’t what keeps workers happy. Once they are working in their new roles, employees say they’re most satisfied by issues such as trust in senior leadership and workplace culture.

The jobs on Glassdoor’s list are likely to continue to provide high salaries for years to come because of demographic changes, the company said. For instance, the aging of the American population is creating more demand for health care workers. Technology has been growing due to productivity demands and consumer trends.

Health care jobs are likely to remain resistant to automation, given that they require a combination of “soft” skills like judgment and empathy on top of technical expertise, Glassdoor said. Some tech jobs also may be harder to automate, especially those that require communication and analysis skills.

To be sure, Glassdoor’s survey may not capture every high-paying job in America. Hedge fund managers and investment bankers, for instance, are employed in lucrative roles, but their jobs won’t land on the list unless at least 100 of them have reported their salaries to the site.

Below are the 25 highest-paying jobs from Glassdoor’s survey, with their annual mean base salary.

  1. Physician: $195,842
  2. Pharmacy manager: $146,412
  3. Pharmacist: $127,120
  4. Enterprise architect: $115,944
  5. Corporate counsel: $115,580
  6. Software development manager: $108,879
  7. Physician assistant: $108,761
  8. Software engineering manager: $107,479
  9. Nurse practitioner: $106,962
  10. Software architect: $105,329
  11. Engineering manager: $105,260
  12. Applications development manager: $104,048
  13. Plant manager: $103,892
  14. IT program manager: $102,969
  15. Solutions architect: $102,160
  16. Financial planning and analysis manager: $102,155
  17. Data architect: $101,900
  18. Strategy manager: $101,754
  19. Systems architect: $100,984
  20. Scrum master: $98,239
  21. Consulting manager: $97,154
  22. Attorney: $96,678
  23. Cloud engineer: $96,449
  24. Tax manager: $96,175
  25. Data scientist: $96,116

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Report: Police Investigating Ramen Noodle Theft In Georgia

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 07:47 AM PDT

Fayette County, GA (CBS Local)- Authorities in Fayette County, Georgia are investigating a string of thefts in the area of a variety of objects, including a large amount of Ramen Noodles.

According to WTKR, almost $100,000 worth of Ramen Noodles were stolen when thieves made off with the trailer that the packages of noodles were sitting in outside of a Chevron gas station in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Officials believe that the 53-foot trailer was stolen sometime between July 25th and August 1st.

In addition to the trailer, deputies with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office are looking for the culprits involved in five other car break-ins and a motorcycle theft.

Sarah Sanders Apologizes For False Claim About African-American Jobs

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 07:28 AM PDT

(CNN) — White House press secretary Sarah Sanders issued a rare correction Tuesday night after falsely declaring that President Donald Trump has created three times as many jobs for African-American workers as former President Barack Obama did during his two terms in office.

“Correction from today’s briefing: Jobs numbers for Pres Trump and Pres Obama were correct, but the time frame for Pres Obama wasn’t. I’m sorry for the mistake, but no apologies for the 700,000 jobs for African Americans created under President Trump,” Sanders wrote in a tweet.

During the briefing, as she sought to defend the President’s record on race, Sanders said Trump has already tripled Obama’s record over eight years for creating jobs for black workers.

“This President since he took office, in the year and a half that he’s been here, has created 700,000 new jobs for African-Americans,” Sanders said from the White House podium. “That’s 700,000 African-Americans that are working now that weren’t working when this President took place. When President Obama left, after eight years in office, he had only created 195,000 jobs for African-Americans.”

But that’s not even close to true, according to Labor Department figures.

Hours after the briefing, after Bloomberg News pointed out the inaccuracy, the White House Council of Economic Advisers apologized for the figure. It posted a tweet citing a “miscommunication” to Sanders.

While it’s true that the US economy has added about 700,000 jobs held by African American workers since Trump took office, it added about 3 million black jobs while Obama was in office, according federal labor statistics.

When Obama took office in 2009, 15.5 million African Americans had jobs in an economy filleted by one of the country’s worst recessions. When he left office, the economy had 18.4 million black workers.

Sanders made the claim as she was answering questions about whether she could guarantee Trump had never been recorded using the N-word while producing “The Apprentice.”

“I can’t guarantee anything, but I can tell you that the President addressed this question directly,” Sanders said. “I can tell you that I’ve never heard it.”

Then, Sanders went on to argue that Trump has created more jobs for black Americans than Obama did.

“This is a President who is fighting for all Americans, who is putting policies in place that help all Americans, particularly African Americans,” Sanders said. “Just look at the economy alone.”

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Southwest Changes Emotional Support And Service Animal Policies

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 07:27 AM PDT

DALLAS (CBS13) – Southwest Airlines is making changes to its emotional support and trained service animal policies.

Starting September 17, 2018, Southwest will only allow trained service dogs, cats, and miniature horses in its cabins. The airline will also accept fully trained psychiatric service animals as trained service animals.

The only emotional support animals the airline will accept are dogs or cats, and each customer can only bring one. The animal must be in a carrier that can be stowed under the seat, or on a leash at all times.

Southwest will not accept unusual or exotic animals, including, but not limited to: rodents, ferrets, insects, spiders, reptiles, hedgehogs, rabbits, or sugar gliders.

Read Also: Sex Toys Cause Closure Of German Airport Terminal

Customers who want to travel with a trained service animal must verbally agree that the animal is trained to perform a task or work for a person with a mental and/or physical disability.

Read the Full Trained Service Animal Policy HERE

Those with emotional support animals must provide current documentation (within the last year) on letterhead from a licensed health professional or doctor.

Read the Full Emotional Support Animal Policy HERE

Emotional support animals must provide support for those with a mental health-related disability. The dog or cat isn’t trained to perform a specific task or work.

Disruptive animals, including those observed scratching, whining, barking, growling, biting, lunging, urinating, or defecating, may be denied boarding.

Video: Blind Dog From Kosovo Hugs Rescuer’s Legs

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 07:18 AM PDT

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — After a long and painful journey, a blind rescue dog named Ray is desperately looking for a new home where he can rest and recover.

Ray was fighting for his life as a street dog in Kosovo with no one to care for him when he was found and rescued by the Kosova Pet Rescue volunteers and the SPCA of Anne Arundel County.

Thanks to them, Ray escaped the streets and now has a safe temporary home at the shelter in Annapolis.

Every day was a new struggle for Ray, searching for food and fighting to stay alive. His journey was especially difficult due to his blindness, which the rescuers determined was caused by bleach damage.

When he was found, Ray was latching onto people’s legs, desperate for someone to love him and feed him.

According to the SPCA of Anne Arundel County, Ray has the worst case of heartworm they have ever seen. He is blind and scared with a long road ahead to recovery.

The SPCA is looking for someone to help them give Ray a happy ending. Please email for more information or check out the foster program page on their website. You can fill out the foster application here.

If you want to help but can’t foster, donate here to the Anne Arundel County SPCA. They say that dogs like Ray require a great deal of care and donations will help save and enrich his life.

This article is authored by Emma Tucker.

Weed-Killing Chemical Linked To Cancer Found In Some Children’s Breakfast Foods

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 07:04 AM PDT

(CBS) — A new report found glyphosate, a weed-killing chemical that some health authorities link to cancer, in a number of popular breakfast foods and cereals marketed to children. The study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group(EWG) discovered trace amounts of the most widely used herbicide in the country in oats, granolas and snack bars. Thirty-one out of 45 tested products had levels higher than what some scientists consider safe for children.

Recently, some scientists, doctors and activists around the world have worked to keep glyphosate out of crops due to concerns that it is a dangerous carcinogen.

“We’re very concerned that consumers are eating more glyphosate than they know,” said Scott Faber, vice president of government affairs at EWG. He has been working to improve food safety standards for more than a decade. He said he and his team at EWG had a lab test involving “45 samples of products made with conventionally grown oats” and found glyphosate – the active ingredient in the Monsanto weed-killer Roundup – in all but two.

“I was shocked,” said Dr. Jennifer Lowry, who heads the Council on Environmental Health for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“We don’t know a lot about the effects of glyphosate on children,” Lowry said. “And essentially we’re just throwing it at them.”

EWG used its own, more stringent standards to conclude that products with excessive levels of the herbicide included Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, Cheerios, Quaker Dinosaur Egg Instant Oats, Great Value Instant Oats, and Back to Nature Classic Granola. Glyphosate was even found in a few organic products, though most had non-detectable levels.

RELATED: Jury Orders Monsanto To Pay $289 Million In Roundup Cancer Trial | Judge Allows Lawsuits Claiming Weed Killer Causes Cancer To Proceed | Monsanto's Weed Killer 'Roundup' Goes To Trial

The World Health Organization says glyphosate is a “probable carcinogen,” and California lists it as a chemical “known to the state to cause cancer.”

Monsanto disputes that, saying in a statement, “glyphosate does not cause cancer” and “has a more than 40-year history of safe use.”

Of EWG’s study, Monsanto says “even at the highest level reported… an adult would have to eat 118 pounds of the food item every day for the rest of their life in order to reach the EPA’s limit” for glyphosate residues.

But just last week, a jury in California ordered Monsanto to pay one man $289 million in damages after he claimed the company’s weed killers caused his cancer. EWG’s Faber is skeptical of EPA’s glyphosate limits.

“We don’t think it does enough in particular to protect children,” Faber said.

“It is time now for them to step up and do their jobs to ban glyphosate,” said Zen Honeycutt, who heads Moms Across America, a group formed to raise awareness about toxic exposures. Her family switched to an organic-only diet after her three sons developed allergies and other health problems.

“We want to trust that what is in the grocery store is safe and the shocking reality is that in many cases it’s not,” Honeycutt said.

In a statement Quaker said: “We proudly stand by the safety and quality of our Quaker products. Any levels of glyphosate that may remain are significantly below any limits of the safety standards set by the EPA and the European Commission as safe for human consumption.” General Mills told CBS News: “Our products are safe and without question they meet regulatory safety levels. The EPA has researched this issue and has set rules that we follow.”

Feds, Mexico To Announce New Plans To Fight Drug Cartels

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 06:36 AM PDT

Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) — Drug Enforcement Administration officials tell The Associated Press that new plans to combat Mexican drug cartels will be unveiled in Chicago alongside members of the Mexican government.

Wednesday’s announcement at a joint news conference will be a public display of bilateral cooperation amid ongoing tensions over President Donald Trump’s trade and immigration policies.

The new plans include putting greater emphasis on attacking cartels’ financial infrastructure. Strategies also call for a new enforcement group, based in Chicago, focused on international investigations.

The DEA didn’t immediately release the names of the Mexican officials attending the Chicago event.

The director for the DEA’s North and Central American Region, Matthew Donahue, told the AP Tuesday the U.S. wants cooperation with Mexico “to be a little more efficient, a little bit more aggressive.”

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Record-Breaking Roller Coaster Will Plunge Riders 245 Feet Into Underwater Tunnel

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 05:40 AM PDT

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Canada’s Wonderland is rolling out the world’s largest, fastest and tallest dive coaster in 2019.

Yukon Striker will plummet riders going 80 mph 245 feet down to an underwater tunnel!

On the highest part of the experience riders will see a ‘perfect view’ of the Toronto skyline.

The launch of Yukon Striker coincides with the official opening of Frontier Canada, a gold rush-themed attraction area in Canada’s Wonderland.

World Records

1. The fastest dive coaster at 130 km/h (80 mph)
2. The longest dive coaster at 3,625 feet (1,105 metres)
3. Tallest dive coaster at 245 feet (75 metres) – includes underground

Originally conceived of for the park’s opening in 1981, Frontier Canada was never realized until now. Other attractions to be featured in the section include Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Lumberjack, Soaring Timbers, Flying Canoes, Vortex, Timberwolf Falls and White Water Canyon.

Catholic School Counselor May Lose Job Over Her Same-Sex Marriage

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 05:14 AM PDT

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (CBS Local) – An Indiana catholic school guidance counselor may lose her job of 15 years after officials learned she was married to another woman.

Shelly Fitzgerald has been placed on paid administrative leave from Roncalli High School after school administrators were tipped off that the long-time Indianapolis counselor was in a same-sex relationship. According to Fitzgerald, posting on social media, the catholic school gave her the option to resign, end her marriage, or stay on leave for the rest of the school year.

When Fitzgerald chose to stay on leave, Roncalli allegedly informed the counselor she would not have her contract renewed for next year, according to CBS4.

Despite public outrage over the school’s decision, legal experts say Roncalli has the right to let Fitzgerald go because of her marriage. “I don't think there's any doubt whatsoever that Roncalli enjoys 100 percent First Amendment protection for making sure… that the people who are conducting that ministry, i.e. any of the employees, are conducting themselves so that they're not hypocrites,” attorney Jim Bopp told the Indy Star.

In their own Facebook post, the catholic school reiterated their belief that marriage was a union “between a man and a woman” and that their employees have “clearly defined” expectations regarding the church’s teachings in their contracts.

Fitzgerald has reportedly hired a lawyer and plans to fight the school’s decision in court. “I can't tell you what will happen here,” attorney Stephanie Hahn told reporters. “But I can tell you that I think the law is on the counselor's side, and public opinion is on the counselor's side.”

The First Ford Mustang Owner Kept The Car, It’s Now Worth $350K

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 05:01 AM PDT

DEARBORN, Mich. (CBS Local) – A family’s decision to hang on to their old Ford Mustang has literally paid off. Gail Wise was only 22 when she bought a brand new Ford Mustang in 1964; her car is now worth over $350,000.

At a celebration honoring Ford’s 10 millionth Mustang rolling off the assembly line, Wise and her husband Tom brought the original model back to the company’s Michigan headquarters.

The Wises reportedly drove the sky-blue Mustang for 15 years before it stopped working. The car sat in the family’s driveway until Tom retired and wanted to start working on restoring the classic vehicle.

After seeing a report saying that someone claimed to have the very first Mustang sold on April 16, 1964, Tom went looking for Gail’s receipt. “Tom came to me and said, ‘I think you bought the car a day earlier,'” Gail said, via THV11. “Sure enough, he went down to the basement and found the receipt and the owner's manual. Sure enough, I had purchased the car on April 15.”

Gail’s car was Mustang number one.

“It's like being a movie star at 76,” Gail added. “I felt like a movie star at 22 when I bought the car. I mean, that was 54 years ago and we're still talking about it.”

Wise paid $3,447.50 for the new car in 1964. The fully restored Mustang is now said to be worth between $350,000 and $450,000, according to Jonathan Klinger of Hagerty Insurance Company.

The Ford original is being placed on public display from Aug. 16-18 in Royal Oak, Michigan as the company continues to celebrate its Mustang milestone.

Reebok Launches Shoes Made From Corn

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 08:35 PM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — Reebok's latest shoe design is a step in a new, sustainable direction. Reebok is now making a shoe made entirely from natural products like organic cotton and corn.

Just to be clear, it isn't the type of corn that ends up on your dinner plate, but rather the corn typically used to feed livestock.


After it is harvested, the corn is milled and fermented into a bio-based product that is eventually molded into a shoe.

"Our ultimate goal was to make something that looks like, feels like, and wears exactly like rubber, but it's based on corn," explained Bill McInnis, the head of Reebok Future.

Reebok says the shoe is very durable. The company is working on a second version of the shoe that will be compostable, so you'll be able to bury it in your backyard.

Burning Body Found In Field During Firefighter Training Drill

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 08:00 PM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — Firefighters were taking part in a training exercise when they discovered a smoldering body laying in the grass. The practice drill turned into a death investigation in the 1300 block of Joliet Street in West Chicago.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports investigators are still on the scene almost ten hours after the body was found burning in a field. There are a number of boarded up homes on the abandoned property.

field Burning Body Found In Field During Firefighter Training Drill burning body found Burning Body Found In Field During Firefighter Training Drill

Firefighters say they were scheduled to burn the abandoned houses down in a controlled burn exercise when they were called into action and made the gruesome discovery.

"Towards the end of the training, they saw some smoldering off the side. I went over and checked it out. They found the body," said West Chicago Police Chief Michael Uplegger.

"There was a truck that pulled out of the lot early, like 5:30 in the morning, which is kind of unusual because nobody goes there anymore," said neighbor Jim Balcerak.

West Chicago Police say the body was of an adult male. His identity is being withheld until an autopsy is performed Wednesday and the family is notified.

Investigators are expected to have the scene secured for the rest of the night.

LaMarre’s Hometown Homer Helps White Sox Beat Tigers, 6-3

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 07:31 PM PDT

DETROIT (AP) — Ryan LaMarre hit his first major league home run and Lucas Giolito escaped a bases-loaded, no-out jam as the Chicago White Sox beat the Detroit Tigers 6-3 Tuesday night.

LaMarre, who played college baseball at Michigan, gave the White Sox a 4-3 lead in the second inning, and Giolito pitched out of trouble in the sixth inning with a 6-3 lead.

Chicago won for the second time in eight games, improving to 2-9 against Detroit this season.

Giolito (8-9) allowed three runs and eight hits and one walk in six innings. He struck out seven to improve to 3-1 in his past six starts.

The Tigers got runners to the corners in the ninth, but Xavier Cedeno struck out Nicholas Castellanos to earn his first save since Aug. 11, 2015.

Blaine Hardy (4-5) took the loss, allowing four runs on six hits and a walk in four innings.

Both teams scored three runs in the first inning, Chicago getting its final two on a bizarre play. Daniel Palka’s RBI single made it 1-0 and left the bases loaded with one out. Kevan Smith hit a fly ball to deep center, and all three runners tried to advance.

Palka stopped between first and second as Jose Abreu scored from third, and by the time the Tigers were able to finish off a sloppy rundown, Matt Davidson had scored from second for a two-run sacrifice fly double play as Palka was thrown out at second to end the inning.

In the bottom of the first, Victor Martinez made it 3-2 with a two-out, two-run double, and Jim Adduci followed with a game-tying single.

LaMarre, born in suburban Detroit, made it 4-3 in the second with a line drive into the White Sox bullpen.

Zach McAllister replaced Hardy for the fifth inning, and the White Sox quickly took advantage. Tim Anderson and Avisail Garcia led off with singles, and Abreu made it 6-3 with a two-run double.

The Tigers loaded the bases with no outs in the sixth, but Giolito got out of it when James McCann popped out, Mike Gerber struck out and Victor Reyes popped out.


White Sox: Infielder Yoan Moncada missed Tuesday’s game after having root canal surgery.

Tigers: Shortstop Jose Iglesias left after eight innings with a thumb injury. … RHP Michael Fulmer made a rehab start for Class A Lakeland, striking out four in two perfect innings. Fulmer has been out since July 20 with an oblique strain.


This series is the first of three that Detroit will host against Chicago teams in less than two weeks. The Cubs come to Comerica Park on Aug. 21-22, followed by the White Sox returning for a four-game series from Aug. 23-26.


The teams finish the three-game series on Wednesday afternoon. Detroit’s Jordan Zimmermann (5-4, 3.98 ERA) will face Carlos Rodon (3-3, 2.61).

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Christine Hallquist, Transgender Candidate, Wins Nomination For Vermont Governor

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 07:26 PM PDT

(CBS) — Vermont made history Tuesday night, with Christine Hallquist, a transgender candidate, winning the Democratic primary in the race for governor. Hallquist will face Republican Gov. Phil Scott, who held off a challenge from Springfield businessman Keith Stern.

Hallquist, 62, defeated three other Democrats. Her platform included getting Vermont residents higher-paying jobs, health care for their families and better education for their children.

Earlier Tuesday, she was interviewed on CBSN’s “Red & Blue” with Elaine Quijano.

“It will be historic for the nation,” she told Quijano if she were to be nominated. “I’m proud to be the person to help the nation widen its moral compass.”


Christine Hallquist  CBS NEWS

“Vermonters are going to elect me for what I’m going to do for Vermont,” Hallquist said. “Vermont has always been a leader in civil rights. We have some of the best transgender protection laws in the country. It’s a state that’s really welcomed me with open arms.”

Hallquist, a former electric company executive, has said that she is running for governor based on her managerial ability and with a progressive campaign that focuses on economic development for rural Vermont.

The Associated Press says she has also won support from The Victory Fund, a political action committee that backs LGBTQ candidates. They have called her a “game changer.”

In her interview, Hallquist says she “has a long vision for Vermont” and wants to make internet access available to everyone.

“I will connect everyone and every business with fiber optic cables so every Vermonter can be connected to the internet,” Hallquist said. “What we’re seeing in rural Vermont and rural America is the same thing that happened in the 1930s … when the cities had electricity, rural America did not. Sixty percent of the land mass in Vermont can’t connect to the Internet — and it’s so critical for business.”

Girls Throw Hot Coffee On Attempted Kidnapper, Escape Safely

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 07:22 PM PDT

(CBS) — An alleged would-be kidnapper in Michigan was no match for a group of girls who fought back and scared him off.

Police said Bruce Hipkins, 22, followed four girls after they left a Speedway gas station Friday night in Millington. The girls ranged in school years from sixth to eighth grade.

Hipkins allegedly grabbed the youngest girl by the head and said she was coming with him. But the other girls came to the rescue — and fought back. They hit him and even threw their hot coffee on him, police said.

“My sister’s friend just kept hitting, kicking, and scratching him and I just kept hitting him too,” Allison Eickhoff, 11, told CBS affiliate WNEM-TV in Bay City.

Hipkins tried grabbing another girl but eventually gave up and fled after the girls kept attacking him. Police later found and arrested him. The Millington Police Department said all of the girls were “shaken up” but not harmed.

Hipkins has been charged with kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, assault with intent to commit sexual penetration, and he is being held on $250,000 bond. It’s unclear if he has an attorney. He has development disabilities, according to WNEM-TV, and one of his would-be victims said she still hopes he gets treatment.

“I’m mad but I want him to get the help he need,” Eickhoff told WNEM-TV.

Local Hot Spots: Your Guide To 4 New Bars And Eateries In The Loop

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 07:12 PM PDT

Interested in exploring the newest food and drink establishments in the Loop? From a modern cafe to a colorful bar, read on for a rundown of the newest spots to open their doors in this part of Chicago.

Free Rein

224 N. Michigan Ave.

FR copy Local Hot Spots: Your Guide To 4 New Bars And Eateries In The Loop

Free Rein is a New American spot headed by chef Aaron Lirette, who earned a Michelin star for his work at GreenRiver, and pastry chef Evan Sheridan, per The Chicago Tribune. This restaurant is housed in the St. Jane Chicago hotel.

The restaurant offers rotating and seasonal cuisine, including beef tartare; oysters on the half shell; a soft-shell crab BLT; saffron spaghetti with crab, tomato and sea urchin sauce; and a whole roasted chicken with marble potatoes, roasted garlic jus and frisée salad. Take a look at the menu here.

Free Rein is off to a strong start with 4.5 stars out of eight reviews on Yelp.

Yelper Tyan S., who reviewed it on July 7, wrote, “Had a fabulous evening at Free Rein. Decor, service, cocktails and food: all top notch. Great wine list with a range of price points. Loved the seafood selection, amazing.”

Free Rein is open from 6:30 a.m.–10 p.m. on Monday-Thursday, 6:30 a.m.–10:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 6:30 a.m.–9:30 p.m. on Sunday.


205 W. Wacker Drive

o Local Hot Spots: Your Guide To 4 New Bars And Eateries In The Loop

A new quick-service cafe with a focus on seasonal, local ingredients, Fare is located at the Wells Street Market.

Notable menu options include the breakfast egg bowl with greens and miso sweet potatoes; beef bone broth with dried mushrooms, juniper and Sichuan peppercorns; and a green smoothie with kale, avocado, banana, pineapple and ginger. Or customize a healthful bowl with a base of greens or grains, side options like heirloom tomatoes and roasted summer squash and proteins such as sustainably sourced salmon, turkey meatballs and veggie patties. Check out the menu here.

Yelpers are excited about Fare, which currently holds 4.5 stars out of 16 reviews on the site.

Yelper Daniel C., who reviewed the eatery on July 7, wrote, “I got the Ancient Grains Bowl with chicken, carrots, corn and heirloom tomatoes. Each veggie was unbelievably flavorful and came with a unique seasoning/twist to it.”

Fare is open from 11 a.m.–7 p.m. on weekdays. (It’s closed on weekends.)

Dos Toros Taqueria

300 S. Wacker Drive

o Local Hot Spots: Your Guide To 4 New Bars And Eateries In The Loop

Another addition to the Wells Street Market, Dos Toros Taqueria is a New York-based chain that now has three outposts in Chicago.

The casual spot features customizable bowls, quesadillas, burritos and taco plates. Options include chicken, carnitas, carne asada and seasonal vegetables. Add in some chips and guacamole and grab a soda or beer to wash it all down. Dos Toros Taqueria also has gluten-free and vegan options. Take a look at the full menu here.

With a 3.5-star rating out of 23 reviews on Yelp, Dos Toros Taqueria is still finding its way, but it’s early days.

Yelper Mark B., who reviewed it on July 7, wrote, “We had lunch with a co-worker at Dos Toros Taqueria and we all enjoyed our meals. We arrived in the midst of the lunch rush but the line moved rather quickly.”

Jane V. noted, “They have a swift and very efficient assembly line that completes your order in no time at all. At this location, sit close to the windows if you can, the view of the Chicago River is spectacular!”

Dos Toros Taqueria is open from 11 a.m.–7 p.m. on weekdays. (It’s closed on weekends.)

Chelsea Room

221 N. Clark St.

chelsea Local Hot Spots: Your Guide To 4 New Bars And Eateries In The Loop

Chelsea Room is a bar named after the New York City neighborhood that was a mecca of the art world in the 1970s-80s. In homage to that art scene, Chelsea Room offers vibrant colors, floor-to-ceiling artwork and leather seating. This space can be rented for private parties and can accommodate up to 75 people.

According to Eater Chicago, the bar’s drink menu includes 11 draft beers, wine and cocktails like the El Coco (chocolate whiskey, cinnamon simple syrup, Aztec chocolate bitters, marshmallow melt) and the Chelsea (rosemary-infused vodka, citrus and creme de violette, topped with champagne).

Chelsea Room has made a positive impression thus far with a current Yelp rating of 4.5 stars out of three reviews.

Yelper Tavi J. wrote, “What stood out to me most at Chelsea room was the decor! The bar area looks super sexy, the wall with Marilyn Monroe is definitely a picture spot, and the booth I was sitting in with all the photographs was cool to look at.”

Robea P. noted, “I really enjoyed the ambiance of this place. Very relaxed, nice music and the art is great!”

Chelsea Room is open from 6 p.m.–2 a.m. on Wednesday-Saturday. (It’s closed on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday.)

This article brought to you by Hoodline.

Girl Rescued From Lake At Montrose Beach

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 06:41 PM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — A young girl was pulled from Lake Michigan on the city's north side. Firefighters carried a young girl to the shore at Montrose Beach around 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Witnesses say the child was pulled out of the water by two bystanders. Lifeguards began chest compressions until the fire department arrived.

Crews say the girl was revived and stable when she was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital. She is listed in critical, but stable condition.

It is not clear what caused the girl to go under.


Brewers Beat Cubs 7-0

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 06:35 PM PDT

CHICAGO (AP) — Ryan Braun supplied the power at the plate and Jhoulys Chacin dominated on the mound to give the Milwaukee Brewers the lift they needed to tighten the NL Central race.

Braun hit two of Milwaukee’s four homers, Chacin struck out a season-high 10 in seven innings and the Brewers cut into Chicago’s division lead with a 7-0 victory over the Cubs on Tuesday.

Lorenzo Cain homered on Jose Quintana’s second pitch . Braun hit two-run drives in the first and third. Erik Kratz added a solo homer in the sixth and an RBI double in the eighth.

Chacin (12-4) allowed three hits and walked two. The right-hander is 6-1 in his past eight outings.

The Brewers pulled within two games of the Cubs after dropping eight of 11 against them. Milwaukee will try to complete a two-game sweep on Wednesday.

“Pretty close to a must-win,” Braun said. “If you want to stay in the division race, you had to win one of two.”

Cubs manager Joe Maddon got ejected for the second time in four games when plate umpire Phil Cuzzi called Ben Zobrist out on strikes in the sixth. And Zobrist got tossed for the first time this season after the eighth when he told Cuzzi the players want an electronic strike zone.

He was waiting on deck when Javier Baez struck out to end the inning. Zobrist decided to let Cuzzi know “calmly” that he didn’t appreciate being told to “be quiet” after getting called out in the sixth on a pitch he thought was clearly a ball. He wanted assurances that the umpire would look over the play and “make an adjustment.”

“He didn’t want me to tell him that,” Zobrist said. “I just basically said, ‘Well, that’s why we want an electronic strike zone.’ And that’s what obviously got me tossed.”

The Cubs have been shut out nine times this season. They didn’t score in their previous game until pinch-hitter David Bote launched a grand slam with two outs in the ninth to give them a 4-3 victory over Washington on Sunday night.

Quintana (10-9) got tagged for five runs and six hits in five innings after dominating the Brewers over seven previous starts. He came in with a 0.92 career ERA against the Brewers and held them without a run in two of their first three meetings this season.

But Milwaukee needed just nine pitches to grab a 3-0 lead.


Cain hit his third career leadoff homer and second this season. Braun followed Jesus Aguilar’s one-out single with a drive to left-center, and he hit a long one to left for his 35th career homer against the Cubs after Aguilar led off with a walk. A fan in the back row of the bleachers caught the ball, preventing it from going to the street.

“It was something that was needed,” manager Craig Counsell said. “It felt like something that was coming. We got it done in an important game.”


Brewers: LHP Zach Davies (inflamed right rotator cuff, tight lower back) is back with the Brewers after a rehab outing for Double-A Biloxi on Saturday. He was to throw a side session before making a start for Triple-A Colorado Springs on Thursday. Davies is 2-5 with a 5.23 ERA in eight starts after winning 17 games last season. … RHP Taylor Williams (sore right elbow) was reinstated from the disabled list. … RHP Matt Albers (strained left hamstring) was scheduled to pitch Tuesday on a rehab assignment for Biloxi.

Cubs: RHP Yu Darvish (triceps and elbow injuries) is expected to go on a minor league rehab assignment, assuming he experiences no setbacks after pitching a simulated game on Tuesday. President of baseball operations Theo Epstein said Darvish is “just about ready for the next step.” … Maddon said Brandon Morrow (right biceps inflammation) is getting better after being sidelined the past month, but he didn’t have a timeline on his return. “It sounds like it’s moving in the right direction,” he said.


Brewers: RHP Junior Guerra (6-7, 3.40 ERA) has a 1.74 ERA in five career starts and eight appearances against the Cubs.

Cubs: RHP Kyle Hendricks (8-9, 4.02 ERA) is 2-0 in his past three starts — all wins for the Cubs.

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Results Come In For Primaries In Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota, And Wisconsin

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 06:29 PM PDT

(CBS) — Voters headed to the polls Tuesday night in Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota and Wisconsin, as the 2018 calendar barrels ahead toward November.

The most closely watched races will be in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where there are competitive House and gubernatorial races. Polls in Tuesday night’s races begin closing at 7 p.m., and the final polls close at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Follow along for live updates: 

  • Connecticut primary — Lamont wins Democratic nod for governor

    Connecticut has closed primaries – meaning the only people who can vote in its Democratic and Republican primaries are those who are registered with that party. Polls close at 8 p.m.

    Businessman Ned Lamont has won the Democratic primary for governor, the Associated Press reports. Matthew Corey, a Navy veteran and businessman, won the Republican primary.

    On the Democratic ballot, voters chose between Mayor Joe Ganim and Lamont. Ganim was Mayor of Bridgeport from 1991 to 2003, when he resigned after being convicted on corruption charges. He then launched a remarkable political comeback after serving seven years of a nine-year prison sentence, becoming Bridgeport’s mayor once again in 2015.

    Although Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton won the endorsement of the state’s Republican party, he unsuccessfully ran against a number of other business leaders for the nomination.

    Other races to watch include the Democratic and Republican primaries for the opening seat in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District. Rep. Elizabeth Esty, a Democrat, is not seeking a fourth term.

  • Vermont primary — Sanders wins Democratic nod

    Sen. Bernie Sanders has easily won Vermont’s Democratic primary, according to the Associated Press. However, Sanders is expected to turn down the nomination, as he has in the past, and continue serving as an independent.

    Incumbent Gov. Phil Scott won the Republican nomination for governor.

    Four Democratic candidates and two Republican candidates are vying for the Vermont governor seat. On the Republican side, incumbent Gov. Phil Scott secured his party’s nomination once again.

    Scott’s popularity in the state has dropped since he signed gun control laws in April. A Morning Consult poll from July found that Scott had an approval rating of 47 percent, a 38 point drop in approval since May 2016. Businessman Keith Stern challenged Scott from the right.

    Through a loophole in Vermont’s laws, 14-year-old Ethan Sonneborn is running for the office as a Democrat. Vermont’s Constitution doesn’t have an age requirement, it just requires candidates to have lived in the state for four years.

    “I think Vermonters should take me seriously because I have practical progressive ideas, and I happen to be 14, not the other way around,” the 14-year-old said in a recent gubernatorial forum. “I think that my message and my platform transcend age.”

    Sonneborn spoke with CBS News reporter Ed O’Keefe about his candidacy.

    Another notable candidate vying for the Democratic nomination in the gubernatorial race is Christine Hallquist, who would be the nation’s first transgender governor if successful Tuesday, and in November.

    Hallquist said in an interview with “Red & Blue” on CBSN that she was confident she would win the primary.

    “Vermonters are going to elect me for what I’m going to do for Vermont,” Hallquist said. “Vermont has always been a leader in civil rights. We have some of the best transgender protection laws in the country. It’s a state that’s really welcomed me with open arms.”

    In the Senate race, Sen. Bernie Sanders is seeking the Democratic nomination, although he plans to run for reelection as an independent come November. Sanders is expected to easily clinch the Democratic nomination.

  • Minnesota primary — polls close at 9 p.m.

    The departure of former Sen. Al Franken means both of the state’s Senate seats are up for grabs this fall. Franken left office in January amid #MeToo allegations.

    Running for Franken’s open seat are former George W. Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter, and current Sen. Tina Smith, who was appointed to take Franken’s seat. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat, is also running for the Democratic nomination to keep her seat.

    In the gubernatorial race, former Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is seeking his party’s nomination.

    Also of interest in the state is the race for attorney general, after Rep. Keith Ellison, one of the Democrats vying for his party’s nomination, was accused of abuse by a former girlfriend. Ellison has denied the allegation. Ellison is currently the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee.

    In Minnesota’s very competitive 2nd District in the suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul, incumbent Republican Rep. Jason Lewis is facing a slew of controversy over comments he made on a radio show he hosted prior to serving in Congress, including complaining that women could no longer be called “sluts” and equating gay marriage to rape.

    Polls close at 9 p.m. Eastern, or 8 p.m. local time.

  • Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer concedes to Kris Kobach in primary

    Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer conceded to Kris Kobach in the Republican primary on Tuesday night. Kobach, the current secretary of state, held a slim lead over Colyer on election night Aug. 7. Provisional ballots counted after election night did not find enough votes for Colyer to overcome a deficit of 110 votes at the time of poll closing, out of more than 311,000 votes initially counted.

    Colyer said he would endorse Kobach for governor.

  • Wisconsin primary — polls close at 9 p.m.

    Democrats have so far been unable to unseat Republican Gov. Scott Walker, but they hope to come November. Walker prevailed in a recall election in 2012 and then again in 2014.

    But Walker has a race of his own to contend with Tuesday night, as he strives to clinch the Republican nomination against Robert Meyer.

    The Democratic field in the race for governor is a crowded one, with eight contenders. Tony Evers, the state’s superintendent of public instruction, is expected to have the best shot.

    Meanwhile, Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin will likely face off in November against one of two top GOP hopefuls, Kevin Nicholson or Leah Vukmir.

    Several candidates are also seeking to fill House Speaker Paul Ryan’s congressional seat, as he is not running for re-election. Ryan has endorsed his former staffer, University of Wisconsin regent Bryan Steil, in the five-way Republican primary. Paul Nehlen, the controversial candidate who unsuccessfully ran against Ryan in 2016, is also running for the seat. On the Democratic side, Randy Bryce has the support of the local party. However, he has a history of arrests, including one for driving while intoxicated in 1998.

Beyoncé And Jay-Z Dedicate Concert To Aretha Franklin

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 06:19 PM PDT

(CBS) — Beyoncé and Jay-Z are keeping Aretha Franklin in their hearts while the legendary singer, according to a source, is in hospice care. The power couple performed in Detroit on Monday and dedicated their concert to the Queen of Soul, reports Entertainment Tonight.

After performing their first song at the show, Beyoncé told the crowd, “This show is dedicated to Aretha Franklin,” ET reported.

Franklin was born in Tennessee but considers Detroit, where she grew up, her home. She is reportedly in the city surrounded by friends and family as she struggles with an unspecified ailment, according to ET.

DJ Kahled, who opens for the married performers on their “On the Run II” tour, also paid tribute to Franklin, playing her 1967 hit “Respect,” during the pre-show.

Video from a fan in the audience shows the DJ shout “make some noise for Aretha Franklin,” as the crowd sings along to the iconic anthem.

A source close to Aretha Franklin’s family told CBS News the 76-year-old is seriously ill. She has battled health problems for several years.

Celebrities and politicians reacted to the word of her poor health on Monday. “Praying for the Queen of Soul,” singer Mariah Carey tweeted. “Hillary and I are thinking about Aretha Franklin tonight,” former President Bill Clinton wrote.


Suicide Survivor Becomes Youngest Face Transplant Recipient In U.S.

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 06:10 PM PDT

(CBS) — Katie Stubblefield was just 18 when she put the barrel of her brother’s .308-caliber hunting rifle below her chin and pulled the trigger. She survived, but the injury resulted in the loss of her face.

As a teen, Stubblefield struggled with health issues, problems in her love life, and major family moves. In 2014, during her senior year of high school, her world upended. After dealing with the effects of her family relocating for the second time in just a couple of years, chronic gastrointestinal troubles led her to have her appendix and gallbladder removed. A few months later, she and her boyfriend broke up.

Hurt and angry, Stubblefield went over to her brother Robert’s place, went to the bathroom and used his gun to shoot herself.

The series of events is what set Stubblefield on a path to become the youngest ever recipient of a face transplant at 21. Now, she is featured in the cover story of National Geographic magazine’s September issue titled “The Story of a Face,” which details what led to the attempted suicide. She is also featured in National Geographic’s full-length documentary “Katie’s Face.”

Five weeks after the incident, Stubblefield was brought to Cleveland Clinic. She lost parts of her forehead, her nose and sinuses, her mouth (except for the corner of her lips), and the bones that make up the jaws and front of the face. Her eyes remained but they were badly damaged.

national geographic face transplant Suicide Survivor Becomes Youngest Face Transplant Recipient In U.S.

Left: Stubblefield family photo. Katie Stubblefield, 17, 8 months before attempting suicide. Right: Photo by Martin Schoeller. Katie, 22, one year and one month after her surgery. At 21, Katie became the youngest person in the United States to have a face transplant. She is the 40th person in the world known to have received a new face. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

“It was not great,” Brian Gastman, the first clinic doctor to see Stubblefield, told National Geographic. “Her brain was basically exposed, and I mean, we’re talking seizures and infections and all kinds of problems. Forget the face transplant; we’re talking about just being alive.”

Gastman said that in his 27 years of training and practice this was one of the worst face traumas he’d ever seen. Stubblefield also suffered a traumatic brain injury with damage to her frontal lobe, optic nerve, and pituitary gland.

Stubblefield doesn’t remember the suicide attempt or any of the surgeries that followed to help mend her face. Her parents had to tell her what happened, and it shocked her.

“I never thought of doing that ever before, and so on hearing about it, I just didn’t know how to handle it,” she told National Geographic. “I felt so guilty that I had put my family through such pain. I felt horrible.”

In 2017, it was decided that Stubblefield would undergo a face transplant. The procedure was Cleveland Clinic’s third of its kind and the 40th known in the world.

Full and partial face transplants, still considered experimental surgeries, involve replacing all or parts of a person’s face with donated tissue from a deceased donor.

The world’s first face transplant was performed in France in 2005. The recipient, Isabelle Diniore died last year at the age of 49, 11 years after the surgery.

The procedure performed on Stubblefield included transplantation of the scalp, the forehead, upper and lower eyelids, eye sockets, nose, upper cheeks, upper jaw and half of lower jaw, upper teeth, lower teeth, partial facial nerves, facial muscles, and skin — effectively replacing 100 percent of her facial tissue, according to a press release issued by Cleveland Clinic.

“Knowing this patient now has the opportunity to live a functional life because of her face transplant is the greatest reward,” Dr. Gastman, said in a statement. “With a new nose, lips, palate, eyelids and jaw, she now has the full opportunity to re-integrate into society and have a future just like any other young adult. This surgery can give her back the self-esteem and confidence she lost.”

There is the chance of numerous complications, including that her body will reject the new face and it will have to be removed. Like all other face transplant recipients, Stubblefield will be on anti-rejection medication for the rest of her life.

But she intends to pick up where she left off, she told National Geographic, going to college and perhaps pursuing a career in counseling.

“So many people have helped me; now I want to help other people,” she said. She hopes to speak to teenagers about suicide and the value of life.

For immediate help if you are in a crisis, call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are confidential.

Woman Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter In Skokie Hotel Shooting

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 05:23 PM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after shooting her cousin at a hotel in suburban Skokie over the weekend, police said.

Police were called to the Hampton Inn located at 5201 Old Orchard Road in Skokie around 11:50 p.m. on August 11 for reports of shots fired, according to the Skokie Police Department. Police arrived on the scene to find a 22-year-old woman with gunshot wounds in a hotel room.

The shooting victim was taken to a local hospital where she died of her injuries. The woman was identified Sunday as Lesly Coronel of the 5900 block of South Kolin on Chicago’s Southwest Side, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Ariana Alcala, 23, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Officials say Alcala and the victim are cousins and were celebrating at Coronel’s birthday party at the time of the incident. Prior to police arriving on the scene, Alcala was hit in the eye by another attendee of the party and was transferred to a hospital for treatment. An investigation surrounding the shooting led to the arrest of Alcala.

Alcala appeared in bond court Tuesday, where Judge Hansen issued a $100,000 personal recognizance bond with a condition of electronic monitoring. She will appear in court on September 17, 2018.

The Skokie Police Department does not believe a threat exists to the general public.


Credit: Cook County State’s AttorneyRELATED ARTICLE:

Chicago Woman Killed In Skokie Hotel


Fact-Checking Attorney General Candidate Erika Harold’s Political TV Ad

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 04:31 PM PDT

CHICAGO (CBS) — Republican attorney general candidate Erika Harold has launched a hard-hitting TV commercial against her democratic opponent, Senator Kwame Raoul. CBS 2's Political Reporter Derrick Blakley fact-checked the ad.

"In Illinois, politicians have turned corruption into an art form," Harold's commercial ad claims.

CBS 2's Political Reporter Derrick Blakley says that, no one can argue with; however, that's not the same for other claims in Harold's ad.

"Mike Madigan and Kwame Raoul team up to raise property taxes," the ad claims. That statement is also true. A 2014 bill, sponsored by Madigan and Raoul allowed the city council to hike property taxes to pay pensions.

"In Chicago, Madigan's business does property tax appeals for the powerful. Higher taxes, higher profits," the ad says.

Blakely reports that statement is partially true. Madigan's law firm represents many Loop skyscrapers in property tax appeals; but claiming Madigan favors tax hikes solely so his firm can seek reductions is opinion, not fact.

"Kwame Raoul, his top donor, gets massive tax breaks from the county while you get higher taxes," Harold's commercial claims, truthfully. Since last year, billionaire property developer Neil Blum and his family have given Raoul $200,000. Blum is also Raoul's campaign finance chair.

Meantime, Blum got big assessment reductions for the Rivers Casino his company controls, saving $4 million over four years. The big tax cuts on one property forces others to pay more.

CBS 2's Derrick Blakely asked Erika Harold if it's fair to blame Kwame Raoul for Neil Blum's tax break.

Harold responded, "It's fair to blame Kwame Raoul for not fighting to reform the system."

"I'm Erika Harold. As attorney general, I'll make the politicians pay for corruption, not you," the ad falsely promises, implying an attorney general can bring criminal prosecutions, when they cannot.

The TV spot never says Erika Harold is a Republican.

When asked if she thinks it is a detriment to say if you’re a republican running statewide, Harold responded, “The office of attorney general is an a office where partisanship should not dictate how you do your job.”

In response, the Kwame Raoul campaign claimed Erika Harold is on the attack because she doesn't want voters to know she's pro-life, although Harold says as attorney general she would enforce Illinois law, under which abortion is legal.